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Listed below are services we offer on a regular basis
  • Laptop Hardware repairs and replacements
  Cracked/Bad screens, NO power issues, Black or blue screenrepairs, replace power charging ports, cpu fan replacements, water damage repair, replace bad keyboards, broken screen hinges, broken touch pads, memory upgrades, hard drive repair/replacement, and motherboard replacements.
  • Desktop Hardware repairs and replacements
  Bad power supplies(premium cable installation, NEAT and clean), motherboard replacement, cpu fan upgrades and replacements, NO power issues, DVD drive upgrades and repairs, Hard Drive replacements, dented or un sightly case replacements, No video issues, memory upgrades, cpu upgrades, case fan replacements, and dust removal
  • New Desktop Custom builds to needed specs
  Are you tired of buying a new computer every two years or worse yearly because the computers always fail to work the way they should or they are unstable and you spend more time trying to fix it than getting any work done, or maybe simply the computers you are buying just simply cant seem to do the job efficiently or the way you want. Then I would greatly consider getting a free consultation on how we can build you a new reliable computer that is tailored to you specific needs. I have built countless computers for people for several purposes such as simple home internet browsing, office or business use, Special seweing machine design and machine use, Video Editing, CAD design for engineers, Web Servers, High demand office use for professors No matter what the need is I promise there is a specific machine we can build to make your life easier.
I offer all customers consultation and training with new computer systems.
  • Software repairs for all PCs, Laptops, and Apple computers
  Blue screens, windows and mac errors, memory errors, loss of use for applications, virus and spyware removals, windows fails to load, windows reboots on its own, windows updates un wantedly, application failures, configuration of files, Data transfers from old systems to a new system, Data backups, education on data backup, operating system re install, operating system upgrades or downgrades, specialty software installation, cloud and backup setup.
  • Virus/Spyware removal for all computers including MAC
  No matter what kind of virus whether it is a really obvious and nasty virus or the kind that hide in the back bround leeching off of your information and internet connection i can find them and get rid of them! I can even help repair the damage they have done. The sole purpose of a virus is not always to make your life difficult they are usually designed to steal sensitive information
  • Network diagnostics and installations
  If you lost network connectivity and need help finding the fault then I can help! If you want to expand or install a new network I can help! I am Cisco certified and have vast experience setting up and diagnosing network problems. Do you want a complicated network of wireless access points to provide wireless to a large area, I can do that !
  • Computer Tune Ups and system optimizations
  Sometimes you just need some things removed that are slowing you down and some minor errors resolved and a tune up or system optimization can often do the trick to restore some pep to your system. This will not always give the desired results you were hoping on so please ask for a free consultation on whether or not you might benefit from this service ! 
  • Data recovery for lost or deleted files or crashed hard drives
  If you mistakingly deleted a file or had a hard drive or operating system failure and cant find or recover your files this does not mean that they are gone. Using very specialized techniques and procedures in many cases I can restore missing or deleted files. While this is never a garaunteed service it has a fairly high success rate. I have fully recovered some drives I was sure were completely un recoverable and then there are cases where I was expecting no problems and got nothing and there is NO WAY to know without trying. Please inquire for further details



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